Hello, I am
a designer
a researcher
an anthropologist

I am passionate about making public sector services work for people, staff, and organisations. My creative practice is driven by designing through empathy, curiosity, and collaboration. I thrive in multidisciplinary teams and where I can coordinate design, strategy, and policy.

I use and develop diverse methods such as ethnography, interviews, co-design, visual maps, and speculative prototypes to champion inclusive service design and delivery. This allows me to unravel and re-imagine both entire systems and individual experiences, and to involve others in this process.


Service Patterns in Health

Health & Care | Service Design | Strategy

The NHS: A taxonomy

Health & Care | Service Design | Strategy

Universal Barriers to Access

Health & Care | Service Design | Evaluation

Endocrinology Pathways

Health & Care | Service Design | Ethnography

Experience Map

Health & Care | Service Design | System Innovation

Scottish Access Collaborative

Health & Care | Service Design | Co-Design

Future of Care at Home

Health & Care | Co-Design | Speculative Design

Salty Lives

Health & Care | Design Research | Ethnography

Evaluating Experience Labs

Health & Care | Evaluation | Design Research

Collaborative Futures

Speculative Design | Prototyping | User Testing

Island Life

Ethnography | Community Engagement | Co-Design


Health & Care | Strategy | Social Innovation | Evaluation

The Future of Food

Speculative Design | Research

BPay at the Gym

Strategy | User Experience | Service Design

Making a Difference

Ethnography | Anthropology | Research

Ritual and Change

Ethnography | Anthropology | Research


Service Design | Product Strategy | Business Model

Key Skills

Research and Analysis

Competent in planning and conducting primary research using qualitative methods such as interviews, ethnography, workshops, co-design, and engagement tools. Knowledge of research ethics. Confident in analysing and synthesising research data.

Design and Synthesis

Good at analysing research data and translating insights into actionable recommendations and design directions for other teams. Experienced in using design to visualise research insights, to engage users, to develop concepts, or to prototype, test, and iterate ideas.

Strategy and Innovation

Strategic thinker and reflective design practitioner. Knowledge of and experience in iterative design processes, human-centred design, strategic design, business model innovation, and design-led innovation.

Social Science

Knowledge of how human beings are shaped by and interact with their social, cultural, digital, and physical environments. Good at using critical thinking and sociological imagination - aware of the relationship between individual experience and wider society.


Good writing, public speaking, and presentation skills. Confident graphic designer working in print, digital, and 3D using Adobe Creative Suite to produce prototypes, exhibitions, visual maps, user journeys and personas, digital prototypes, or service blueprints.


Thrive in multi-disciplinary teams. Experienced facilitator of co-design workshops and participatory design. Confident in working alongside a wide range of stakeholders including people with physical and learning disabilities, people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, experts and senior management.

Work Experience

Since Feb 2021

Service Designer

At NHS Healthcare Improvement Scotland

I work with a multi-disciplinary team and champion inclusive design approaches and methods. Leading a number of medium and long-term strategic programmes, I support teams to develop new models of care across workforce, digital, and processes. I provide service design expertise, advice, and coaching to senior stakeholders within health and social care organisations, and support teams to design and implement system change and to create usable and inclusive end-to-end services.

Oct 2019 - Feb 2021

Service Designer

At NHS NES Digital Service

I was part of a new team within NHS Scotland developing digital tools for clinicians, care workers and patients. My role was to work with multiple delivery teams, managers, and stakeholders to ensure clinicians and the people they care for are central to how products, content, and services are made. I led on advocating and embedding equality, diversity, and inclusive design practices into the organisation’s design and delivery process; on assuring that Scottish Approach to Service Design standards are met; and on defining the direction and strategy for how the National Digital Platform might enable service transformation across different parts of health and care.

Oct 2018 - Sep 2019

Service Designer

At Cohesion Medical

I collaborated with technologists and developers to design clinical software which allows the NHS to better record and manage clinical data. I supported the team by ensuring all products are person-centred and support existing end-to-end services or patient journeys, and guided design decisions towards focusing on helping users to meet their goal or health services to achieve a health outcome.

May 2018 - Sep 2019

Research Associate

At The Glasgow School of Art, Digital Health and Care Institute

Working as part of The Glasgow School of Art team, I delivered projects at the Digital Health and Care Institute, and developed design-led methods for collaborative workshops for the Scottish Government Scottish Access Collaborative. I mentored junior designers and trained them in the method I had developed for mapping complex cross-healthcare pathways. I also taught and lectured Master students on design ethnography and innovation for health and care.

Apr 2017 - Apr 2018

Innovation Designer

At The Glasgow School of Art, Institute of Design Innovation

I conducted interviews and designed creative workshops to involve a variety of stakeholders and users in an evaluation process. I also researched and reviewed how my team might embed new design processes and tools to ensure our co-design work was as inclusive, fair and impactful as possible.

Sep 2016 - Jan 2017

Research Assistant

At The Glasgow School of Art, Collaborative Futures

Managing a multidisciplinary student team, I explored the future of banking through in-depth research into emerging behaviours. I articulated and tested speculative concepts, and produced actionable recommendations. The resulting tools continue to support the design team at RBS to embed human-centred design into their work.

Jun 2014 - Jun 2015

Business Designer

At Neat Living

At this housing start-up, I helped clarify its business opportunity, tested it against a specific target market, and redefined the company’s value propositions and business model with people at its centre. I also managed student projects at West College and Strathclyde University aimed at involving young people in design.

Jan 2015 - Mar 2015

Design Ethnographer

At 360 Studio

Working in a multidisciplinary team of designers and researchers at this product and service innovation studio, I carried out a series of primary research activities, synthesized the results, and used these to support the design of new potential user experiences. Based on insights from user research, my team and I mapped a comprehensive service blueprint and identified future opportunities to pilot this in new markets.


Since June 2017

Registry Advisor

Cystic Fibrosis Trust

The UK CF Registry is a bank of health information about people with cystic fibrosis. I advise the Cystic Fibrosis Trust in developing a Registry dashboard where people with CF will be able to securely view their own health information and complete questionnaires about wellbeing that can be added to their record.

Sep 2010 - Jun 2011

Residential Carer

Camphill Vallersund Gaard, Norway

I lived in a community shared by disabled and non-disabled people on a small, sleepy peninsula close to Trondheim in Norway, where I learned to weave and to knit, to cook, to cooperate, to love snow, and to pass very long winters.

Sep 2008 - Jun 2009

Residential Carer

At CSV London

I provided care and company for someone living with cerebral palsy and epilepsy while sharing her home, countless cups of tea, and - after a little encouragement - an active life and a love for beautiful, buzzing London.


Sep 2015 - Sep 2016

MDes | Design Innovation & Citizenship

The Glasgow School of Art | With Distinction

I developed a human-centred design practice that can move analysis towards synthesis and translate research into innovative service proposals. Working with students and researchers from a wide range of backgrounds, I learnt to use collaboration as a driver for this process and to work within an international studio culture.

Sep 2011 - Jun 2014

MA | Anthropology & Sociology

The University of Glasgow | First Class

I gained theoretical knowledge and practical experience of designing and conducting ethical research projects using ethnography, interviews, and focus groups. I collected and analysed quantitative and qualitative research data, critically evaluated it, and compared it to wider literature. Moreover, I developed critical thinking and a sociological imagination of relating individual biographies to a larger picture of culture, contexts, and systems.